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GCX Lives for 2013

We are slowly moving everything to a Facebook Group.

Schedule for 2013 will be available soon. 


Final Night of GCX for 2012

Final Night of GCX for 2012 will be Tuesday 9/25/2012.  As usual we are an open event. Come one come all and yes you can ride your MTB. No worries. All info is found on this website.


GCX Intel

Course modifications on tap for 2012

Click HERE for parking, trail entrance and start/finish of GCX.  It is YOUR responsibility to review the map.  Study it, burn it into your mind.

The usuals:

A good light (click here for light shootout) is mandatory. 

Newbies to night riding: GCX veterans recommend at least 30 lux or 500 combined lumens.

Tuesdays in September (Wednesday rain day).  Day of GCX confirmation messages will be posted on this website.  Check in around noon.

Course Pre-Ride warmup time: 1800 – 1825

First Wave: 1830 hours.  Duration: TBD laps or approximately 20 minutes (or less if you desire)

Second Wave: 1900 hours. Duration:  TBD laps or approximately 20 minutes (or less if you desire)

Cool down: 10 minutes

Total ride time warmup, waves and cool down should be between 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your mood.

Post ride refuel will occur in the mess hall.  Goal is to assemble here by 2015 hours

Check out the page “Additional Stuff to Know” for more info.

Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile… initially scared me to death.  ~Betty Bender

Questions: gcxcommander@gmail.com